Legacy Specifications

Legacy specifications are those specifications that are still active but a more recent version of the specification is now available. Usage of legacy specification is allowed, but highly discouraged, as they often contain known specification errors, some of which will result in interoperability issues with other devices. We urge you to use the most current versions of all our specifications.

Deprecated and Withdrawn Specifications

When a specification reaches the end of its useful life, the Bluetooth® SIG may choose either to deprecate the specification, ending maintenance and restricting its use, or to withdraw the specification from use. For more information about specification deprecation and specification withdrawal, including effects on the Bluetooth Qualification Process, Bluetooth SIG members may refer to the Specification Management Process Document (SMPD)and the Qualification Program Reference Document (PRD). Members can also find knowledgebase articles on this topic here.

If you are a Bluetooth SIG member and have questions, please submit a ticket.

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