It’s been twenty years since Bluetooth® technology first came on the wireless scene. Since then, Bluetooth technology has become synonymous with audio streaming, is recognized as the go-to wireless connectivity solution for wearables and other connected devices, quickly made a big impact in the smart building, and has been well regarded as the archetype for global interoperability. This is due, in large part, to the dedicated community of Bluetooth developers.

Every year, the Bluetooth developer community continues to challenge the limits of wireless connectivity, and each year, to support and encourage this spirit of innovation, the Bluetooth SIG releases new developer resources. For your coding convenience, we’ve assembled a list of the 5 most popular developer resources released in 2018.

Bluetooth Mesh Proxy Kit

This educational kit outlines fundamental Bluetooth mesh technical concepts. Learn about the mesh proxy node and proxy protocol, see how cryptography is used to secure the mesh PDUs, gain practical experience though guided development of a mesh proxy client application using JavaScript, and get the source code for a skeleton mesh proxy server against which to test your client application.

Bluetooth Mesh Developer Study Guide

This self-study educational resource covers the theory and practice of Bluetooth® mesh device firmware development. By working through its coding exercises, you’ll develop a working mesh network, learn about a variety of Bluetooth mesh models, and cement your understanding by implementing these models using the SDK for the Zephyr RTOS.

Bluetooth Developer Starter Kit

This comprehensive self-study kit is always a favorite among our developer community each year. It provides an understanding of key Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) concepts before guiding you through a series of software development projects. Design a custom Bluetooth profile, build and create the code for the Bluetooth peripheral device, develop a client application for Android, and finish by testing your client application with the Bluetooth peripheral you built.

How to Deploy BlueZ v5.50 on Raspberry Pi3 and Use It

This detailed step-by-step guide explains how BlueZ, the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack, can be deployed on a Linux platform to provide support for the core Bluetooth layers and protocols, including Bluetooth mesh and Raspberry Pi3.

Web Bluetooth Tutorials

This hands-on coding tutorial covers how to use the Web Bluetooth APIs to create web applications that run purely in a web browser and can discover, connect to, and interact with Bluetooth® LE devices. In four steps, you’ll complete a coding project based around a BBC micro:bit or Raspberry Pi, gain the foundational knowledge needed to use the Web Bluetooth APIs, learn how to discover and connect to Bluetooth LE devices, and see how to work with Bluetooth LE notifications and indications.

Discover more developer resources to help you build your Bluetooth product.


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