Few industries were untouched by COVID-19, and analysts could not have predicted the full impact the pandemic would have on market forecasts. According to the recently released 2021 Bluetooth® Market Update, some markets remained resilient while others are just beginning to recover. Overall, previously expected growth in Bluetooth® annual device shipments effectively shifted out one year. Despite this shift, recovery and growth forecasts predict that more than six billion Bluetooth enabled devices will ship annually by 2025.

Highlights of important trends outlined in the 2021 Bluetooth® Market Update  for each of the key Bluetooth solution areas include:

  • The impact of LE Audio on Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Bluetooth Data Transfer forecasts for PC accessories and wearables
  • New trends for Bluetooth Location Services
  • Bluetooth Device Network forecasts and their impact on commercial lighting

LE Audio Will Drive Significant Volume and Use Case Growth

The anticipated completion of the LE Audio specifications in 2021 will further strengthen the Bluetooth® ecosystem and drive greater demand for Bluetooth earbuds, speakers, and hearing accessibility devices, resulting in 1.5x growth in annual shipments from 2021 through 2025.

Annual Bluetooth® Wearables and PC Accessories shipments Will Outpace Pre-Pandemic Forecasts

More IoT devices rely on Bluetooth® technology than any other wireless solution, making it the #1 technology for the IoT. Among Bluetooth Data Transfer devices, analysts predict that — due to greater focus on health and fitness and the shift to working from home — wearables and PC accessories will see a significant boost in annual device shipment forecasts.

Growth of Bluetooth® Location Services Devices Will Rebound and Trend Upward

The onset of COVID-19 lockdowns led to a reduction in Bluetooth® Location Services deployments — a 25 percent decrease in implementations compared to previous forecasts. However, thanks to continued interest in asset tracking and indoor positioning use cases, analysts expect Bluetooth Location Services growth to rebound by the end of 2021 and achieve a 32 percent CAGR through 2025.

Bluetooth® Commercial Connected Lighting Gains Mainstream Traction

Primarily focused on supporting building automation, control, and operational efficiency, Bluetooth® Device Networks remained largely resilient during the pandemic. Many facilities are still eager to reap the cost benefits provided by commercial connected lighting systems. Analysts at Guidehouse Insights predict that by 2029, commercial connected lighting will generate $19.1 billion in global revenue.

The 2021 Bluetooth® Market Update dives deeper into these key trends, including a look at what use cases and venues will drive continued growth in Bluetooth Location Services and the potential impact of the upcoming adoption of LE Audio for people with hearing loss.

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2021 Bluetooth® Market Update

Get exclusive access to the most important trends and forecasts for Bluetooth® technology, and learn how the Bluetooth community continues to expand the technology to solve new connectivity challenges and address new market opportunities.


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