Your company has an unresolved compliance violation that requires your immediate attention.

  • It has been over 45 days and either your company has not responded to our previous notices or has not resolved the issue regarding unauthorized use of the Bluetooth trademarks and logos in connection with your company’s products
  • You owe Bluetooth SIG a Cost Recovery Fee of $4,000 USD, which has been applied to your membership account

If this issue is not resolved within 75 days from the date of our initial notice to your company, the violation will be escalated to the Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors for membership suspension. If suspended, your Cost Recovery Fee will increase from $4,000 to $8,000 and your company will have no rights or benefits of membership.

To resolve the issue, please respond to us and complete the Bluetooth Qualification Process for all products your company builds, brands, or otherwise represents as its own that use a Bluetooth trademark or logo.

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