The list below specifies the allowable Environmental Sensing Service (ESS) Characteristics for use with the Environmental Sensing Service​.

To request additional ESS Characteristics to be added to this table to support new or future ESS applications, please contact the Sports and Fitness Working Group ([email protected]) following the process defined by the SF WG and the BARB.

Environmental Sensing Service (ESS) Characteristics

  • Elevation 
  • Pressure ​
  • Temperature 
  • Humidity 
  • True Wind Speed 
  • True Wind Direction 
  • Apparent Wind Speed 
  • Apparent Wind Direction 
  • Gust Factor 
  • Pollen Concentration 
  • UV Index 
  • Irradiance 
  • Rainfall 
  • Wind Chill 
  • Heat Index 
  • Dew Point ​
  • Barometric Pressure Trend 
  • Magnetic Declination 
  • Magnetic Flux Density – 2D 
  • Magnetic Flux Density – 3D