The table below specifies the allowable User Data Service (UDS) Characteristics.

To re​quest additional UDS Characteristics to be added to this table to support new or future UDS applications, please contact the Sports and Fitness WG ([email protected]) following the pro​cess​ ​​defined by the SF WG and the BARB.​
User Data Service (UDS) Characteristics​​​​​
​​​First Name 
​Last Name​ 
​Email Address 
​Date of Birth 
​VO2 Max 
​Heart Rate Max​
​Resting Heart Rate 
​Maximum Recommended Heart Rate​ 
Aerobic Threshold 
​Anaerobic Threshold 
Sport Type for Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds 
Date of Threshold Assessment 
Waist Circumference 
Hip Circumference 
Fat Burn Heart Rate Lower Limit 
Fat Burn Heart Rate Upper Limit 
Aerobic Heart Rate Lower Limit 
Aerobic Heart Rate Upper Limit 
Anaerobic Heart Rate Lower Limit 
​Anaerobic Heart Rate Upper Limit 
Five Zone Heart Rate Limits​ 
Three Zone Heart Rate Limits 
Two Zone Heart Rate Limits 
Registered User Characteristic

Table 1: User Data Service (UDS) Characteristics​​​​